BJ Does Dim Sum

Welcome to a new series, I have intentionally called, “BJ Does.” It’s like Debbie Does Dallas, except less porn and Texans. I do new things that push me out of my comfort zone, which is pretty easy to do considering most things make me anxious – goats, large dogs, saying no to donating to children’s charities at the check-out at Safeway, people who do Cross Fit, and eating food that isn’t spaghetti.

In this episode, cultural horizons are expanded. I attempt popular Chinese cuisine, Dim Sum, for the first time. Thankfully I had a group of mixed Asian friends to order for me.

The chicken feet were gross, but on the plus side, I discovered I can unintentionally impersonate Chewbacca to the T.

What should BJ do next? Leave your comments below. I’ll do almost anything … but probably not.

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