Pleats, Pumps and Princess Leia

Princess Leia Outfit - The Blonde Jedi

Princess Leia Star Wars

Princess Leia The Blonde Jedi

Jeffrey Campbell Shoes

This outfit, which also could be used at an uppity tennis country club (think Hilary from Fresh Prince), really emphasizes Princess Leia’s personality – she’s tough, classy and not afraid to wear knife pleats.

Searching in the stores for some time, I tried my best to find earrings that really represented the imploding of an entire planet/human race. How did I do? Have your heads exploded?

I opted for this mediocre wrap braid rather than Princess Leia buns which would have ended looking like sad little timbits on my mop.

Have you ever seen a baby deer try to walk before? You can’t walk in these shoes without looking like a drunk with broken knee joints. On the plus side, they’re awesome if you want to cause blunt force injuries to someone’s face.

Jacket: Zara
Skirt: Top Shop
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Exploding Alderaan Earrings: The Bay


Star Wars Inspired Outfits: Han Solo

They say that after a couple has been together a long time, they start to dress like one another. This is the case with Han and I, hypothetically speaking … if we were a couple.

Anyways, this outfit was completely han-picked, enjoy.

PS – I was thinking of doing Chewbacca this round, but decided I wanted Han shot first. *cough


Strike a Pose. Vader Goes Vogue.

If there was a bright center to the cool kid universe, I’m most likely on the planet that’s farthest from.

This little ensemble was inspired by the Dark Lord of the Sith, force choking pro and fearsome evil-doer, Darth Vader. If you’re unfamiliar with Darth, then you probably think I’m a couple beers short of a six-pack. That is totally fine and for the most part, quite understandable, unless you’ve lived in the wilderness and were raised by wolves your entire life.

Anyways, this idea transpired during a fun, shopping excursion with my mother. As I was perusing for a new outfit, I came across this black dress and my Jedi senses kicked it. The peplum style skirt looked liked Darth Vader’s helmet! My fingers locked in odd shapes and my eyeballs were close to bursting a blood vessel. I could BE Darth Vader.

So after purchasing the Darth Vader helmet dress, a red lightsaber clutch and a necklace with silver Death Star balls, this happened…


Krista Darth f

Krista Darth 2f

Krista Darth 3f