BJ Does a Toast

Q. What smells like burning plastic?

A. Darth Vader at the end of Return of the Jedi (link reference for the Star Wars ignorant) and this highly flammable Darth Vader toaster.

Darth toaster gets 2. 5 lightsabers out of 5. Points for the toasted Star Wars logo, deductions for the burning plastic smell now wafting about my tiny little apartment.

BJ Does Dim Sum

Welcome to a new series, I have intentionally called, “BJ Does.” It’s like Debbie Does Dallas, except less porn and Texans. I do new things that push me out of my comfort zone, which is pretty easy to do considering most things make me anxious – goats, large dogs, saying no to donating to children’s charities at the check-out at Safeway, people who do Cross Fit, and eating food that isn’t spaghetti.

In this episode, cultural horizons are expanded. I attempt popular Chinese cuisine, Dim Sum, for the first time. Thankfully I had a group of mixed Asian friends to order for me.

The chicken feet were gross, but on the plus side, I discovered I can unintentionally impersonate Chewbacca to the T.

What should BJ do next? Leave your comments below. I’ll do almost anything … but probably not.

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