Star Wars Christmas Songs

Another Christmas, means another amazing Star Wars Christmas song. This year, it’s all about (or where abouts) is Luke Skywalker in the Force Awakens. We’ve got so many questions! Luckily in 24 hours, we’ll know the answer.

All I Want for Star Wars is Luke

Greedo Got Run Over by a TaunTaun

Vader Baby

Star Wars Pick Up Lines

Straight from my tool box of love, feel free to soak up these Star Wars dating tips like a sponge. I guarantee your lightsaber will get serious action after using these sexy Star Wars pick up lines.

Are you sitting down? Because it’s about to get Hoth and heavy.

BJ Does Dim Sum

Welcome to a new series, I have intentionally called, “BJ Does.” It’s like Debbie Does Dallas, except less porn and Texans. I do new things that push me out of my comfort zone, which is pretty easy to do considering most things make me anxious – goats, large dogs, saying no to donating to children’s charities at the check-out at Safeway, people who do Cross Fit, and eating food that isn’t spaghetti.

In this episode, cultural horizons are expanded. I attempt popular Chinese cuisine, Dim Sum, for the first time. Thankfully I had a group of mixed Asian friends to order for me.

The chicken feet were gross, but on the plus side, I discovered I can unintentionally impersonate Chewbacca to the T.

What should BJ do next? Leave your comments below. I’ll do almost anything … but probably not.

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Star Wars Cast Announced for Episode 7

The cast for Star Wars Episode 7 was announced today, and I didn’t make the cut. I guess they didn’t enjoy my Star Wars Audition.

Here’s the cast of Star Wars Episode 7:

Daisy Ridley aka should have been me.
Adam Driver aka douchey guy from Girls.
Oscar Isaac aka douchey prison husband from Drive.
John Boyega aka no idea.
Andy Serkis aka Gollum or Smeagol … depending on the day.
Domhnall Gleeson aka the oldest of the Weasley children, also part werewolf.
Max von Sydow aka classic old guy with deep voice.
Harrison Ford aka in my pants.
Carrie Fisher aka teenie weenie gold bikini.
Mark Hamill aka whiny.
Anthony Daniels aka gold nuggets.
Peter Mayhew aka “Uuuuhhhhh Arrrrrrgggg Aahhhhhhrrr.”
Kenny Baker aka guy living in R2D2.